Qarbon TT1v2


Trading Strategy

This aggressive trend following strategy utilizes an indicator that measures market volatility versus historical market highs and lows which enables traders to ride up and down trend waves until the end.

The strategy applies risk management measures and stop loss mechanisms in order to limit losses and lock in profits.

Quick Facts

Contract Types Perpetuals
Exchange BitMEX
Market Datastreams Perpetuals
Trading Timeframe 8H
Historical Test Period 2017 to 2021
Pairs Traded
Average Sortio 3.21
Average Yearly Performance 105.60 %
Average Max. Drawdown -22.91 %
Minimum Allocation 0.0281044 BTC

Live Equity Curves

In this chart you can see the pure bot performance measured in Bitcoin updated daily since the start of the test. This tool has several default time frames and also a custom time frame.

Risk Disclaimer
This Swapoo content is informational only and does not provide financial advice, guidance, or recommendations to use, or not to use, any trading bots or make any investment decisions. Swapoo recommends that you seek professional financial advice before making such decisions. Performance results shown above are based on back-testing with both historical market data prior and live data. Performance depicted before this bot was released is based on historical test data and reflects performance based on the bot's configuration on go-live date. Bots may be periodically fine-tuned for optimal performance as market trends and conditions change. Future results may vary and are not guaranteed. There are inherent risks involved with cryptocurrency trading, including loss of your investment. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Use of cryptocurrency trading bots is solely at your own risk and you assume full responsibility.